height-safety-pic Working at height is a risky business or affair. If you fall more than 2m, it is highly likely that you will sustain an injury. In fact, the more the height, the more likely you are to sustain very serious injuries. Therefore, the effects of gravity need a system that will offer protection and safety while providing a high degree of mobility and productivity. As building & construction continue to develop, the need to create a zero-harm environment for the fall protection industry also increases. Height safety equipment creates peace of mind for dedicated building professionals, including employers and owners whilst ensuring that they can comfortably do their work without compromising safety.

Our wide range of height safety equipment enable both superior performance and incomparable safety while working in elevated conditions, including confined space entry, work restraints, work positioning, fall arrest, rope rescue, among others. The equipment is ideal for use in virtually all kinds of industrial, recreational, and commercial environments, including, towers, bridges, building, and structures. Industries that find it most useful are domestic and industrial construction, military, mining, arbor, maintenance, rescue and emergency services, and utility services (telecommunications, water, and power). Regardless of the industry you operate in, our company is at the forefront of height safety practices.

As experts offering a complete package of height safety equipment in the market, your safety is our top priority. Our professional service in the industry begins with consultancy and runs through to supply and installation of the industry’s innovative and engineered products to form fully certified safety systems. We keep up with the latest, high quality safety technology and all our products are fully compliant with safety guidelines and relevant government legislation. In addition, our wide range of services includes risk assessment, installing height safety systems, ongoing inspection, and maintenance. Our height safety equipment also include access hatches, guardrails, ladders, ladder brackets, platforms, roof anchors, static lines, stairways, and walkways.

work at height safetyWith our extensive range of products that guarantee a permanent lifeline system and meet your shoestring budget, you can be rest assured that your design needs and mandatory architectural requirements, both on existing and new structures will be met. All these aspects combined together will deliver superior and complete “total height access solution.” Moreover, this is backed with a strong, consistent, and methodical approach to solve all fall risk problems through application of advanced technology and quality relationships with customers and clients. These relationships ensure comfortable and effective solutions to the problems facing the building & construction industry or any other industry that requires fall protection in their workplace. As such, any building with employees and clients within the premises must ensure safety for all before conducting any business activity.

Often, any industry requires advice when planning and conducting projects for the installation of safety equipment. We have a specialist division for all your personal fall protection and height safety equipment, which include arrest rails, fall arrest systems, fall protection systems, fall restraint, work at height safety, fall arrest for existing ladders, and much more. We install permanent safety line and anchor systems, either vertical or horizontal to both new and existing structures, buildings, plant and factory.