Filming in helicopter imageFilming from a helicopter can be a challenge especially if the film production crew isn’t clear on what objectives it would like to meet from the aerial filming. On the other side, it is one of the most thrilling aspects of filmmaking especially when there is a significant scene that needs to be captured from an aerial view. Therefore, there are several aspects and facts on this type of filming and for the best results; it is highly advised that you consult an expert Helicopter filming or aerial film productions company. Some of the best movies such as Lone Survivor and Terminator 2 needed a lot of talent.

Factors Considered In High Quality Helicopter Filming

Resolution and imagery: A good filmmaker knows that resolution is the key to a high quality film production. Therefore, a 5 to 25cm resolution is quite important in aerial filming, orthorectified photo, which means that image data picked by satellites is rectified by removal of terrain distortions with the help of Geographic Information Systems and this is what creates planimetric images on every location. In most cases, these images have to be supplied in compressed format so that they can be used in GIS systems and Image processing. The imagery has to be of high quality, consistent and with full color.

Types of Helicopter services

Picture Ship: This refers to the helicopter that is carrying those being filmed and it can be painted temporarily to fit your film objective. This also means that you can choose to convert a white helicopter to a military type of helicopter. Considering the use of real helicopters can be expensive especially if you have scenes that would need you to destroy one of them then there are also mock aircrafts, which can still offer the same aerial imagery you wanted.

Camera Ship: This is the helicopter that will carry the filming crew and they come in a wide range of sizes. These sizes should be able to accommodate different camera crew requirements for camera sizes, conditions, and types. Some cameras are quite big especially some of the stabilized systems such as the Gyron FS and Wescam. This also means that when choosing your camera ship you have to know the types of camera and camera mounts that will be required as well as specific settings needed to make it a success.

Choosing your Helicopter Service providers

There are many helicopter filming service providers and if not carefully chosen you might not like your end results. In most cases, filmmakers end up making very tough choices especially if what they need would end in a huge production bill. Therefore, as a producer you will have to consider a few things. Some of these things will include, the amount needed to mount cameras for aerial scenes, how many scenes will require these services, image quality needed to make sure all effects are captured and most importantly, the vision of having that scene.

For those who are venturing into this type of production for the first time, it is always advisable to consult widely with filming experts and see what works for you. Doing helicopter movies are not usually that easy and most of the time you will need someone who’s been in the industry for a very long time.