Whether you are staying in a seven star or a seven dollar hostel, effective hotel security is one of the factors that you will need to consider to make sure that you are staying in a safe and secure environment. To understand the security of the hotel that you are staying in, you will need to examine how the hotel network processes payments, its internet connectivity as well as how personal information about guests and other routine services that are part of everyday business is stored.

If you are thinking of pre-booking a room or choosing a hotel to stay in, you should think of what floor to stay on. A lot of people find staying between the second and the sixth floors of hotels to be quite ideal because other people cannot easily gain access to their hotel windows, but firefighters can be able to reach with ladders. You should also determine the kind of area the hotel is situated in. Is it a hostile environment? If it is an area that is at risk of car bombs or suicide bombers, you should consider getting a room at the back of the hotel. Getting the room opposite to where cars drive up the entrance or away from the lobby area will also be a good idea.

When you arrive at your hotel, one of the things you should ask yourself is what could happen in case of fire or other emergencies. As soon as you enter your hotel, put your bags on the bed and then go out of the room. Check out the location of the nearest fire master your steps as well as the number of doors between your hotel room and these points.

pic of security in hotelOnce you have identified where the closest fire exits and fire extinguishers are located, you will need to go back to your hotel room and then ask yourself what could happen if there is no escape from the exits in the event of fire. If you are faced with such a situation, it means that your room will be your citadel. You will therefore need to check its windows and make sure that they can open. If the windows cannot open in the event of fire so that you can get fresh air, find out if it is possible to jump from the floor you are on. Find out how the door lock opens and closes.

If you are staying in a hotel and you hear an alarm, do not ignore it. Your response should be fast and you should use your predetermined exit. This does not mean you have to panic and run out in your underwear, but be sure to respond quickly when you hear the alarm. Most importantly, when you are staying in a hotel, you should not develop irrational fear. Do not start thinking that everyone is out to get you. But be sure to listen to your sixth sense, increase your awareness about the hotel you are staying in and take time to prepare for certain scenarios.